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An initiative on Internet of Things (IoT) awareness

An initiative on Internet of Things (IoT) awareness

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India’s first internship program on “Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Devices” is a joint initiative by AppMob and enCypher Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (#enCypherTech). The objective of this seven-day internship program is to create awareness about the latest trends and technologies in the domain of the Internet of Things (#IoT) and thereby taking the students closer to the reality of the ‘Smart World’ (#smartworld).

As we all know, the Government of India is working on an ambitious plan to create USD 15 billion ‘Internet of Things’ industry in the next six years. To achieve this, India requires a huge task force and this is where we stepped in. We, in this internship, are trying to bridge that gap through our internship program. The course is packed with Hands-on-experience of the integration of the 3 main components of the IoT i.e. Device, Network and Application (DNA). Speakers from various walks like academicians, research and development organisations and industry experts like Mr. Sai Kiran from Educonnect and Mr. Gunti Vijay, VP Sales and Marketing from Rukshaya Emerging Technologies, who have varied experience in the field, shared their knowledge with the students. Jayant Basantani, founder of Appmob said “With the mobile revolution, internet of things has become a necessity. With this initiative, we want to bridge the gap between students and technology giving them the real taste of smarter world”.

Nikhil Mishra, Director of enCypher Technologies Pvt. Ltd. said that, being a product start-up in IoT domain, they are focussed on product oriented education for building the skilled work force for the same. “Our country is moving towards the ‘Smart City’. We want to contribute in the “Make in India” campaign of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji. By doing this we taking our youth a step closer to create the smart world. This will help in building the task force for the future.” he added.

Our country is moving towards the ‘Smart City’. We want to contribute in the “Make in India” campaign of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji. By doing this we taking our youth a step closer to create the smart world. This will help in building the task force for the future.Nikhil Mishra, Director of enCypher Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

In these 7-days program, students learned how to create the structure for the smart world, right from the scratch to an end solution. They were given the insight of the infrastructure of the Internet of Things and were told how the latest technologies work. They first worked on hardware (Device) and then developed their own cross platform applications. After that through the concept of networking, they integrated these two and controlled their hardware through their own developed applications. Engineering’s faculties and students were benefited by this course.

Students from different colleges like IIT-B, IIT-H, IIIT-B, MIT, Amrita etc. attended this internship program. They were very happy to learn these new technologies and were happy to learn something exciting engineering stuffs apart from the usual boring theory classes. “From the first day we thought it like another theory internship but later on it was more of practicality” said Sri Harsha, a 2nd year CSE student from IIT Bombay. “These teachers implicated the passion in us which give me a head start over the other students to start my own venture” said Varad Vishwarupe, a third year IT student from MIT Pune. “We were able to see the things we were working on practically. It was like a burst of knowledge for me” said a 3rd year CSE student at CMR CET, Hyderabad.

The event is scheduled across major cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru. The team has till now trained over 250 students in Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru and Delhi and is now moving further to conduct some more internships in this field.

For videos on feedback. Visit : http://goo.gl/o4B6qd

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