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Global IoT Day 2015

Global IoT Day 2015

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Global IoT Day 2015

Today is 9th April and this day is declared last year as Global #IoT Day. A day dedicated to the technology which is moving forward with its full strength to make this world connected and a better place to live and by doing so it is changing the world day by day. All this is possible because of great visionaries, enthusiasts, researchers, scientists, hobbyists and corporate people and specially those who work on open technologies and are willing to share it with the world. On this proud occasion of 2nd Global IoT day 2015 on behalf of IoTDEL (IoT Delhi Community) and on behalf of enCypher Technology Pvt. Ltd. family I wish to heartily thank each and everyone who somewhere, somehow; no matter large or small but at least contributing to this great technology which is leading all of us to a great future.

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