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What is Internet of Things?

What is Internet of Things?

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What is internet of Things

Internet of Things is an environment of smart small hosting devices (because they get attached with any device and make them smart device) which are Always, Anywhere and Anytime (3As of IoT) connected with each other and sending some data or information which can further be processed over cloud to generate meaningful analytical result that can help further in decision making or to trigger an automatic action according to the analysis. These small devices are called the “THING” of Internet of Things and this environment comprises 3 ingredients called Device, Network and Application also known as DNA of Internet of Thing. As an example of such devices, you can visit Open source IoT toolkit or Iota: Never lose sight of what’s important.

To become a “THING” of Internet of thing, anything should qualifies the following criterion:

  1. It should send some sensory data like pressure, temperature, humidity etc.
  2. It should have a unique identification so that it can get identified while communicating.
  3. It should communicate with similar itself and internet gateways as well like WiFi etc.

Now, how to convert any thing into “THE THING” of Internet of things?

  1. Some devices are already smart like your smart phones etc. and sensors already reside inside them but for others we need to put some sensors.
  2. IPV6 or 6LoWPAN is already providing unique identification to these devices.
  3. For communication, we need to add some IoT gateway like most popular one out of many CC3200 by Texas Instrumentation.
  4. Next, front end like a mobile app or website, where all the data with analytical result or controlling device user interface front end is available.

Now the thing is,  after becoming a “THE THING” Is it ok to say this system an Internet of Things? Well, i think till it’s not telling the real analytical data that can help you making decision. The analytical result of these things are so powerful that it can predict future too. Many applications not only help you taking decisions but sometimes they themselves decide and instruct you what to do next.

There are endless possibilities where these devices can be used so there are applications of IoT.

Internet of Things, Internet of Everything (by CISCO), Smart Things (by IBM) these are the terminologies coined by different companies for same internet of things. However, there are some perceptions too that network of similar smart devices is IoT (like network of Smart phones only) while a collected device network (like smart TV, Smart Phone etc..) is Internet of Everything.

There are other terminologies out there which confuse people from IoT like SCADA or M2M. Here is an article on the same to clarify confusion.What is difference between DAQ, SCADA, M2M and IoT? – enCypher Technologies…

I hope, now you understand what is IoT and IoE. 🙂

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