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Wearable IoT Technology: Everything you should know

Wearable IoT Technology: Everything you should know

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Wearable have been creating a huge buzz around tech arena for a while now. Still most people don’t know what a wearable is and why they need one.

So, today I am going to share some insights on wearable tech.

Let’s get into the basic details first.

What is Wearable Technology?

Isn’t it obvious from the name? Wearables are the technology-driven devices to wear. But you can’t consider your glittering digital watch or dazzling earphones as a wearable powered device. I will tell you why.

A wearable device must be well-equipped with a set of sensors to help you reach some goals, for example staying fit. All of the wearable gadgets have a feature to connect with your smartphone over a wireless connection (mostly Bluetooth).

Wearables are of different types- smart watches, fitness bands, spectacles, rings, etc.

History of Wearable Tech

To be frank, no one can quote an accurate timeline of wearable technology and their evolution. People always wanted their things of daily usage to be small. There were many isolated tries to make computers smaller.

The first thing that we can call a wearable was a calculator watch launched back in 1980s. But it was not a huge hit. Even tech enthusiasts didn’t thought it to be the beginning of a new tech era.

wearable technology

After the invention of calculator watch, wearable tech got nothing to boast about in next twenty-five years. It was in 2008 Ilya Fridman introduced a pair of ear rings to the world, which contains a Bluetooth microphone. It was the first wearable in the twenty-first century.

Another wearable tech saw the light over the same period- a spy tie. Yeah; it was a tie with hidden camera to spy on others.

Serious Tries

After 2007, wearable technology attains every tech geek’s attention. Another hope for it was revealed through a digital cloth design contest conducted by Sony Ericson in 2009. One of the students from London College of Fashion Designing got the prize by designing a cocktail suite that lights up on receiving a call. This was the birth of fashion in Internet of Things industry.

The next turn was singer Katy Perry’s. She used a kind of artificial intelligence based LED incorporated dress designed by CuteCircuit, which could light up while she was on red carpet and stage as well.

Again a singer came into limelight with a dress that could display tweets real time. Nicole Sherzinger was that man of experiment, and the company was the same- CuteCircuit.

The last year of the first decade of 20th millennium turned out to be fortunate for wearable technology because Google started experimenting on the same topic that year. They kept on producing prototypes.

As a result came Google glass that underwent both praise and blame as well.

Intel took wearable technology domain to the next level in Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2015. They launched a small chip called Curie which is accurate for being a processor in wearable devices. Qualcomm also shouldered the responsibility to develop some wearables compatible chips and came up with some.

Why You Need a Wearable?

Wearable devices have a lot of benefits. So, better you should go with the flow of the world. Otherwise, you will be outdated soon.

Here are some advantages of wearable technology.

#1. It can Track Your Fitness

One of the popular wearable devices is fitness trackers. They are not as bulky as a wearable wrist watch and do not create any discomfort. If you buy one and tie it on your wrist for some days, you can’t get rid of it.

Fitness bands can count your heartbeats, track your footsteps and some of them can check your blood pressure as well. So, it’s always good to get a concise health report on the go, right?

#2. It can Sync Data with Your Smartphone

Using the smartphone during a gym section is not a good deal. It can break your device and make you cry as the data may not be retrieved. What if I say that you can use access your smartphone data on a lighter device?

Most of the wearable devices can sync data with your smartphone. So, you can use it without the fear of dropping the same.

#3. It can be Used to Track Position

You can tie a wearable on your child’s wrist. It will help you not to be panicked when he or she is missing. You can easily track its position as all of the wearable gadgets come preloaded with GPS feature.

Wrapping Up

I hope you got a brief idea of wearable technology. The field is developing each day and you will hear more exciting news in near future.

As of now, fitness bands are in the rage. You can choose the perfect one by referring to our articles. Stay tuned for next articles on the wearable category and much more.

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