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Top 10 reasons: Why have training on Internet of Things

Top 10 reasons: Why have training on Internet of Things

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Summer training on Internet of Things

Internet of things is now the next big thing in this era. Many students, teachers, employee has asked me query related to why one should opt of internet of things training rather than going to any other traditional niche domain training. They all are looking for answers. Here, I am giving them 10 reasons to learn internet of things.

  1. Tremendous Opportunities : There will be tons of money flowing this field. With a projected $4 trillion economic impact till 2020 to $11.1 trillion yearly revenue generation by 2025 (Sources : Mckinsey), this industry open ups a huge opportunity to give a head start to one’s career.
  2. Secure Future : With over 4.5 million jobs coming by 2020, this industry truly gives a firm and settled future for all the folks entering into the Internet of Things industry.
  3. Smart Experience : By enrolling oneself into an Internet of Things training, one not only gain a hand-on experience to latest techniques but also gain insight of how the whole system is developed. This will definitely help one to take decision by keeping the whole picture in mind.
  4. Working with Hardware & Sensors : This will give one an opportunity to work on different development devices like Raspberry pi and others. A summer training,  as organised by encypher technologies, will help in enriching one with the practical approach of how these things work in industry.
  5. Standard Communication Protocols : One will learn the basics and the most important communication protocols of Internet of Things – MQTT. This will not only help in this industry but also will take one a leap ahead in other networking and communication based industry.
  6. Smart Cities : In India, everyone is talking about Smart Cities. But there are only a chunks of those who actually know about the concept of Smart Cities. The training will help one to understand better about the aspect of smart cities and will give one an opportunity to provide a solution to this Smart world.
  7. Combine Everything : The Internet of Things is the only course which binds every branch of engineering. From deriving the hardware to controlling it through different location and analysing the data, this will help one to get the awareness of  how other engineering departments work.
  8. Develop Everything : By gaining knowledge of different engineering departments, one will be able to combine each one of those and chances to become a product engineer will increase.
  9. Connected Devices : There will be more than 50 billions of connected devices creating and sharing 40,000,000,000,000 GB worth of data across the globe by the end of 2020.
  10. Transfer experience : There are very few people who has knowledge in this field so by enrolling in such a program through some well known name, like encypher technologies, can help you getting experience from those experts

This is the level of impact and growth that is almost unprecedented for any industry. To ensure their involvement in this Internet of Things revolution, brands should get in on the ground floor and start investing in the technology’s development and potential applications.

With these things in mind, I believe one should go and learn about Internet of Things. Recommended Training Program and its content…

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