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Impact of new technology on Marketing

Impact of new technology on Marketing

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Impact of new technology on Marketing

Any Idea or Innovation that comes out of an organization is with an intent for it to spread out wide and help the idea implementation flourish big to serve the purpose it was launched. Communication helps businesses grow and prosper, creates relationships, strengthens the effectiveness of organizations, and allows people to learn about one another. Technologies, such as the Internet, mobile phones, social media, and customer relationship management systems greatly affect the way companies communicate with prospective customers. These new forms of communication are changing the media landscape and the type of messaging strategy organizations use.

Many consumers and business professionals seek information and connect with other people and businesses from their computers and phones. With access to many sources of information and an interest in interactive media, consumers have grown aware of everything and have now started to gather more information. As the times are changing, work environments are also changing, with more people having virtual offices, texting on their cell phones, or communicating through social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. As the media landscape changes, the money that organizations spend on different types of communication will change as well. Once companies have developed products and services, they must communicate the values and benefits of the offerings to current and potential customers.

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) provide an approach designed to deliver one consistent message to buyers through an organization’s promotions that may span all different types of media – such as TV, radio, magazines, the Internet, mobile phones, and social media. Delivering consistent information about a brand or an organization helps establish it in the minds of consumers and potential customers across target markets. With IMC, organizations can coordinate their messages to build the brand and develop strong customer relationships while also helping customers satisfy their needs.

Young people today are part of the millennial generation, and it is consumers from this generation who are driving the change toward new communication technologies. A young consumer might opt to get promotions via mobile marketing – say, from stores on your cell phone as you walk by them or via a mobile gaming device that allows you to connect to the Web. Likewise, advertisements on Facebook are popular as businesses continue to utilize more social media. Traditional media (magazines, newspapers, television) compete with media such as the Internet, texting, mobile phones, social media, user-generated content such as blogs, and YouTube as well as out-of-home advertising such as billboards and movable promotions. Therefore, all forms of marketing media have been forced to come up with new innovations to remain relevant. In any field that exist today it is the foremost requirement to keep moving a step forward from the traditional idea that existed earlier. And as they say “Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well” and that just highlights why marketing of any idea is of utmost importance for it to succeed. The word of mouth amongst the customers is also very important for a product to be successful and a good word of mouth can be obtained by rightful and skillful marketing of the product, remember advertising the product just the way it is.

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is — it is what consumers tell each other it is. Thus there remains no second opinion on importance of marketing in this field and in any other in the world of today.

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