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TreeWifi : offers free internet in return for clean air

TreeWifi : offers free internet in return for clean air

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TreeWiFi: Free Wifi Clean Air


The world today is laying real hard to deal with counterexamples of how life has become tough for those suffering from the effects that have been kindled by the very concept of Global Warming.

Going green can be an effort that’s thankless and tiresome given the demand of the urgency of this implementation. I certainly want switch to going Green because if there is any solution to any problem that ‘Our’ Earth today is exposed to, the best and most pocket friendly idea is just this. Nobody credits you well for making an upgraded version of what already exists and, so, you get no pats on the back. But going above the mainstreams, one Dutch entrepreneur wants to reward the residents of Amsterdam for their efforts to bring down air pollution. And he’s doing it with this new technology called “BIRDHOUSES”, not the actual birdhouses though.

The project is called TreeWifi, and the birdhouses in question contain nitrogen oxide sensors and Wi-Fi routers rather than living space for feathered critters.

The devices are mounted to trees all around the city and some pre-installed LED lights indicate air pollution levels in the immediate area. When pollution levels dip below a specific threshold, the roof of the device glows green indicating that free Wi-Fi is available to passersby, who has been spotted doing what contributed to this great happening.

The goal, according to the company’s website, is to reward residents for choosing to ride their bikes or take public transportation rather driving their own vehicles, following the convention of awarding anyone and everyone who is enroute to make the globe green. The company hopes to put a birdhouse on every street in Amsterdam to help the city’s residents get tangible feedback for their collective green choices, and perhaps even encourage them to organize car-free days. Another benefit of the project, the company says, is that it will provide pollution data on a hyper local scale that can be provided to researchers who sometimes are misguided on the topic.

These types of Projects may just help all of us, at least for the time being, to evacuate the wilderness we are exposed to at this very time. Standing United in these tough times to prove how tough we really are, may just do it for us. TreeWifi is just one step towars leading a revolution against what, possibly, cruelly awaits us. Many more ideas should come up, and if not, should be motivated by contributing positively to them, even if it is for one’s own greed (Yes, After all it gives you free wifi!).

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