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The IoT world – naive opinions!

The IoT world – naive opinions!

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IoT world - naive opinions

A few Lines about story: Real stories and incidents happened when someone pretending to know about IoT.

Disclaimer: This article is not a fiction and is based on real incidents which I have faced till now. Identities of all the characters and companies appearing in this article have not been shared just to prevent their “privacy” and, obviously, “brand value”.

It has been three years since I co-founded an IoT based startup, enCypher Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and saw a lot of strange and funny moments when people pretend to know what they don’t know when it comes to internet of Things, IoT. Almost every managerial representative, marketing guys from big corporates and so called tech-savvy noobs, trying to connect their identities to this buzz word (i.e. IoT), were kind of exposed in conversations at various events. However, since etiquette never allowed me to interrupt senior people in conversation, I let them pass as usual. I hope this small article will be entertained uninterruptedly and will connect with people who have also experienced similar things around them. I wanted to share some incidents which forced me to write this article.

  1. “WE HAVE EVERYTHING, YOU JUST PUT IoT IN IT”: This is a big IoT-funded company, now providing IoT and M2M Platform services. In a meeting with them in 2014, their CTO and CEO were not in condition to believe that we, a year old startup providing internship on PAN India level, can provide serious solutions in IoT. It took us hours to tell them what IoT exactly is and the result we got, “We know everything and have everything, you just put IoT in it”. We exchanged looks and it seemed to us that IoT is a kind of masala (spice) to put on their things. Just put it on it and it is ready to serve. I didn’t appreciate their hypocrite learning nature, but what to do. They are BIG. ENORMOUSLY BIG.
  2. “WE ARE INTO IoT MARKET FROM PAST 15 YEARS”: Another troll by a people who might be working in M2M or telemetry using PLCs from past 15 years but they are not IoT providers. I learned that the term IoT was coined in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, a renowned technology pioneer, and going by these “time-traveler” guys, it seems that they were involved with him in coining this term and taking it to the market in an era when there was no infrastructure to even test the IoT ecosystem. People must understand that a machine connected to another, exchanging data, taking action on certain provided logics doesn’t qualify to become an IoT device. Intelligence and Analytics are another important factors that co-exists in an intelligent IoT system. They should rather stop throwing out that baloney.
  3. “IoT COURSES AND WORKSHOP”: Whenever a buzz word arrives in the market, we all try to align ourselves with it. Here, all the embedded system trainers or people who provides educational workshops jumped in to it and just converted their regular training modules name with IoT Course. I had a meeting with the CEO of a big training company in Noida. He, too, has converted his offerings of regular modules of RaspberryPi, Bluetooth, and wireless connectivity to IoT. And how is that IoT, they themselves even don’t know it. I believe, as an educational and training institute, they have more responsibility of guiding the students with the correct knowledge. But till the moment, the ideologies of, “ganda hai par dhandha hai” prevails in education industry too, no one can make it right.
  4. “WE TEACH IoT USING BLUETOOTH”: Always remember 3A-Rule “ALWAYS, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE” This rule must apply for each and every IoT Device. If a Bluetooth based device is not connected to another Bluetooth device that is sending this data somewhere in cloud or some server from where that data can be processed, analyzed and fetched “ANYWHERE” then it’s not an IoT device. Few example of such IoT devices are Diabeto, smart watches and fitness bands like FitBit. These are just a connected device of the category of M2M. If you are confused then please read out our article, “What is difference between DAQ, SCADA, M2M and IoT?”, which can clarify your doubts about difference between these things and my answer of “What exactly is Internet of Things (IoT)?”, a most referred answer about the topic on Quora. Some IoT course providers are still doing this, hope they will upgrade themselves soon.
  5. “OUR DEFINITION OF IoT”: Once I read somewhere that “Knowing IoT is like a teenage sex, everyone want it but nobody know how to do it.” Since people were still learning about IoT on fast moving social networking and internet articles but in the race to win, on almost every big company’s website IoT definition begins with “Our definition of IoT”. So whose definition is real?
  6. “IoT TECHNOLOGY”: Today many people, keynote speakers in big conferences refer it as a “technology” however we should know that IoT is not a technology rather it’s an ecosystem where combination of different technologies converge to make world smarter. There is nothing sort of IoT technology in the market. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS.

WERE TO LEARN ABOUT IoT?: Well in my sense question should be “Where to learn making an IoT device/ecosystem?” because if you think you can thoroughly learn everything about IoT (ecosystem) from a single course, I don’t think it’s even possible. Courses are too small to learn complete IoT. What you can do is you can get a gist of what comprises an ecosystem of IoT or can learn a few ways to develop an IoT device or can learn a few technologies involved in IoT. One such course is designed by us and you can learn more about this course at this link and you can get course module at this link.

Dear reader, similar things you guys may have also noticed not necessarily with IoT but may be with any other thing. I request to kindly share this article and your thoughts so that at least the misconception of any term do not affect anyone, especially the students. Hope you enjoy my very first article on your story.

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